Mike Neville has been exhibiting his paintings internationally since 1982. Listed in Art in America, his works are in private and corporate collections in London, Paris, Madrid, Zurich, Barcelona and throughout the United States. Alive with color and movement, each piece reflects the influence of masters such as Kandinsky, Miró and de Kooning.

Also inescapably reflected in his art are Neville’s background in architecture and his lifelong involvement with music. Most recently, his travels to the tropics have inspired the vivid liveliness of his latest series of works: the "Key West Flower Series."

A native of Birmingham, Alabama, Neville studied architecture and music composition before moving to New York City in 1969. The artist’s travels in Europe began in 1984, when he was commissioned to paint a mural for Spanish designer Juan Seville, in Barcelona. Once this work was completed, other commissions and exhibitions followed.

While maintaining strong and constant connections abroad, Neville’s career has for the past two decades focused in and around the New York City area. His works are included in numerous private and corporate collections nationwide — literally from New York to Seattle, to New Orleans, to Key West.
And Key West is the inspiration for several of Neville’s efforts. "Nowhere," notes Neville, "is the light brighter, clearer or more intense — even at night." He remembers the impact of his first visit there: "It was like seeing color for the first time. Everywhere you look, there is beauty."

Arliss Paddock

One-Person and Group Exhibitions
2011 Galleria di Palazzo Genovese -Salerno, Italy
2009 MAC Gallery New York City
2007 MAC Gallery New York City
2005 MAC Gallery New York City
2003 MAC Gallery New York City
2002 Jadite Gallery New York City
2000 Wave Gallery Key West, Florida
1998 Gallery Asyl New York City
1997 Cooper Gallery Jersey City, New Jersey
1996 Froelich Gallery New York City & Key West
1993 Philip Stansbury Gallery New York City
1986 James Wilson Gallery New York City
1984 James Wilson Gallery New York City
1983 Froelich Gallery New York City
1982 Froelich Gallery New York City
1967 Crawford Gallery Birmingham, Alabama
1965 Osband Gallery Birmingham, Alabama

Museum Exhibits
1997 Bergen Museum of Arts & Science
"Whimsey in Art"

Honors and Awards
2002 AKC DOGNY Sculpture for Pace University, NYC
Gold Scholastic Art Award